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This guy has the biggest balls

"did she say yes? …..hell yea"


Today, at 4:10pm KST, the principal of Danwon high school (the school of the students trapped on the Sewol ferry) was found dead. Reports say he hung himself on a tree.
The principal led the students on the trip, and was one of the passengers that were rescued from the sinking ferry on the 16th.
The police say he took his own life because he could not overcome the guilt..
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siccas said: it would be really hot and i would cry a lot not that i dont cry over them anyway

You would cry even more which would just flood the earth really

Anonymous said: i hate the boobie game

My boobies don’t even have game, they can’t even play, they’re in the corner by themselves watching everyone else play

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siccas said: I demand a hyorin and yunho duo of show me how you burlesque

I am not familiar with this song but that sounds pretty epic negl

deeedragon said: OKAY i am gonna eat dinner now. Thanks for listening to me talk about undies and boobs. I like boobs they're so pretty and girly and I have this non-sexual appreciation about boobs

I have boob envy and boob respect and I do like to admire a nice set of boobs every now and then so you’re in good company GO AND EAT DINNER AND ENJOY BBCAKES <3

deeedragon said: LMAO REBECCA fuckin badass. I love you.

I miss Myspace

I was friends with Peeta before he was Peeta on MySpace

And the struggle to be in someone’s Top 8 was real~

wait how did I get OT 

oh right boobs

I bet you can wear all the shirts and make them look 100x better 

I bought this adorable tank but the size is too big and I literally don’t know how to fix it so it fits me bLARHG